I passed!

Well, it wasn’t a great grade, in fact I scraped by with a C, but I still passed on the essay that I was sure would be my downfall. I am now relieved that even my crappiest work gets a relatively okay grade…54-63 is a C, I got 56! So at least I didn’t fail!

Some of her comments made me laugh, I don’t think she quite realised how close to just writing and withdrawing from the course I was by the time I reached hour 65 on that weekend!

5 thoughts on “I passed!

  1. What? 54 is a C? HOLY CRAP. 54 here is failing. That’s what I have in my Western Civ. I wonder if my mom would find it funny if I told her I managed a C in that class, meaning according to Brit terms. *ponders*


    1. Thank you. Writing that essay dragged me to the edges of sanity (although admittedly that particular journey isn’t too far for me in reality) and I really did nearly drop out because of it. Had I failed and lost that much needed 10% I think that I would have experienced a large number of problems garnering any energy to write the next one.

      So it’s definitely ‘Congratulations’ without the ‘?’


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